New images added

2018-03-16 | Categories:

Winterleuchten 2015: SpiegelungToday I found time enough to add the images taken at "Winterleuchten" in Dortmund in December 2013 and December 2015. Enjoy.


New tripod

2017-12-15 | Categories:

After more than 30 years my old aluminum tripod got a successor.

Panasonic FZ-1000

2015-08-20 | Categories:

Eventually I decided that I need a bridge camera to have a lightweight alternative to my DSLR. Since I wanted good quality and a real viewfinder (not only a screen), my search ended up at the Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000.

 I bought one, and the first images and the extremely high series rate were very impressive. In the evening, I decided to take some nightshots. No good idea, the camera showed strong "color noise". Unfortunately, I could reproduce this error in different low-light situations.

Next monday I asked my dealer and he accepted to take the camera back since it was of no use to me.

Edit (12/2015): A friend of mine had the same experience with this camera in extreme low-light situations.